Does the Builder Pay for Corner Lot Fence?

Yes, the builder pays for the portion of the fence on the property line that borders a public area, such as the main road, stormwater pond, or public park. There is no additional cost to the homeowner, as it’s already included in your purchase price.

There are many people who prefer a new build home on a corner lot because these homes are bigger. However, a corner lot is often considered a premium lot, and with that will come premium lot fees. The lot premium includes the cost of the builder having to install your fence, so it is not a complete freebie. I recommend reading about some of the hidden costs of buying a new build.

It is important to remember that your entire fencing will not be covered by the developer. The portion of your fence that falls on a shared property line with your neighbor will be billed to you.

As a homeowner, you do not have complete control over the color, style, and height of the fence. These are all conditions that are outlined by the developer company. We will discuss fence style and architectural requirements later on in this article.

Most Common Types of Fence Materials

In today’s market, there is a wide selection of products available in the fencing department. Each type of fence material will have its advantages and disadvantages, and variations in pricing. Most homes have fences made from wood, composite, metal, vinyl, and even chain links.

Fence Material Advantage Disadvantage
Wood Durable and Longevity Requires Maintenance
Composite Low Maintenance, Many Colors Costly Installations
Metal The view is not obstructed Easy to install and maintain
Vinyl Easy to maintain, many styles Expensive to install
Chain Link Easy to repair and install Lack of privacy

Along with the type of material used to build a fence, you will also need to consider the hardware that pairs with your fence. There are an endless array of gates, gate hardware, caps, lighting, and posts.

If you are in a new construction community, there is a high probability that your land developer has created some controls or rules that govern the look of the subdivision. This means that the builder has already decided on the style, type, and color of the fence for your home.

The builders will take this step to ensure that every home in the subdivision is uniform and creates a cohesive curb appeal. It also gives the land developer brownie points when their community looks picture-perfect.

How Much Does a Corner Lot Fence Cost?

For a new build home, the cost of the fence for the homeowner may be less than what their neighbor pays. For example, we purchased a corner lot home in a new subdivision in Ontario and we had a landscaping and fencing company come in to build out our fence.

Here is how our fence costs were broken down:

Item Description Distance in Feet Cost per Feet Final Cost
Private Fence 6” x 6” Post Design Fence 45-feet $28.00 CAD $1260.00
Gate Two Gates $250.00
Post Caps Free Post Caps $0.00
FINAL TOTAL $1510.00

Our fence builder used four-feet-deep post holes and cement, with pressure-treated wood. They offered free dirt removal and did not charge for the post caps. We were very happy with our corner lot fence.

We have a walkout basement entrance on the back of the house, so we opted to have two gates for our fence. One of our gates was between our home and our neighbors, while the other was facing the private road (giving access to our potential basement tenants).

While it seemed like we saved money on our fence, our lot premium was much higher than our neighbor’s. If you take everything into consideration, we definitely did pay for the entire fence through our lot premium of $40,000.

Our fence company installed our fence in the winter months, and according to them – it was the perfect time to have them installed.