Why Are New Homes so Close Together in Canada

Homes in Canada are built very close together due to the lack of space. Homebuilders and land developers are in the business of making money, and they will slice plots of land into smaller portions to maximize the number of homes they can build.

It’s true that builders once believed that homeowners wanted large homes on small plots of land, but that is not the reality anymore. The newer generation is ready to move away from the urban centers to buy homes with larger plots of land.

It’s one of the reasons why there are new build homes built very close to each other. In Ontario, there are many new construction projects in motion – and all of them have limited space in between the homes. However, if you were to visit an American city as as Lake Orion, Michigan – you would notice that homes are spaced out with larger plots of land.

Canadians have become used to the lack of space between homes. If you take a look at townhomes and semi-detached homes – you will see that these homes are essentially joined together. The land that sits behind the home is simply split by a fence, and there is limited privacy.

Cost of Land

The cost of land has increased exponentially over the years, and having more land space between homes would mean an increase in the home’s price. In Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver – the cost of real estate has been on the incline. Even with the recent surge in interest rates, home prices have not significantly dropped.

In order to have new construction homes built with more space between them – the developers would need to sacrifice the land that otherwise would be used to build additional homes.

With rising concern over affordable housing and rental homes – it can be quite the burden to increase space between new construction homes.

Urbanization and Population Density

In Urban areas, there is an increased demand for homes – and in the current situation in places like Toronto – there is a lack of homes for the population. As countries continue to welcome new residents, there is an increase in population density and a growing need to maximize the available plots of land. This will lead to building single-family homes, duplexes, and triplexes in close proximity.

Homes Built on Private Land

A new construction home that is built on private land or on your own piece of land could have space all around the home. As the land is privately owned, there isn’t a business decision that needs to be made to maximize profits for a developer/builder.

If you currently own private land in Canada – you are at an advantage as you get to control the amount of land around your home. You can build a house that takes up the entire plot, or you can choose to have a large front yard.

Zoning and Planning Regulations

Every city will have zoning and planning regulations that will dictate the minimum amount of space allowed between homes. Whether a single-family home or apartment building is being built – there will be zoning regulations that govern the area.

Infrastructure and Access to Services

In urban centers, there is a growing need for accessibility, walkability, and ease of use when it comes to new residential constructions. This means having homes close to essential services such as grocery stores, hospitals, schools, churches, and public transportation. Due to this need, builders will be forced to maximize the available plot of land and build as many homes as possible.

Developer Costs

Developers and home builders have a lot of fixed costs and costs associated with developing the land. These costs include getting services to the site and ensuring the land is ready for the foundation. If homes are spread apart the cost associated with developing and getting services will be higher for these developers.

In some Canadian cities, the city will mandate these developers to build very close together. The city requires very high-density neighborhoods to be built by developers so that we are maximizing the space that is available to build.

you will notice that most of these new construction homes are further and further away from everyday amenities. many new construction homes are now being built further away from shopping malls schools parks and churches. however new homeowners don’t have a choice but to purchase these new construction homes because there is very limited developed land that can be built on.

One of the downsides of building homes very close together is the potential for homes to be damaged. for example, if there is a house fire, the fire May easily spread to neighboring homes causing further damage. for this reason, some insurance companies May have higher premiums for homes that are built very close to each other such as Townhomes.

If you’ve been to older cities you would notice that some historic homes are built very close to the road. in the past many old homes were built close to the road for easy access and people never valued having a front lawn. nowadays, many new homeowners prefer to have some Frontage and some space in the backyard.

If you are someone who likes privacy and needs that extra space between neighbors, you might want to look at new construction homes that have extra Frontage. There are new construction homes that are built with deeper lots and wider Frontage so you may get some additional Green Space all around your home.

In conclusion, it’s critical to consider these factors when it comes to building homes in close proximity. The development pattern, climate considerations, and historical factors can all play a role in why a certain area is built the way it is. If development has occurred one way; it is common for the city to continue the same development pattern to prevent any deviation in the style and look of the neighborhood.