What is a Bungaloft and What Does It Look Like?

A bungaloft is a bungalow with a loft located above the garage, with a height of half a story. This additional loft space will have a view overlooking the living room or dining room area. If you prefer the cozy and intimate feeling of a bungalow, but want some extra space – a bungaloft would be the perfect option.

There are many home builders that can build bungaloft style homes in Canada and the USA. These homes are typically known for having most of the bedrooms and amenities on the main floor, with the additional loft space accessible by a small set of stairs.

If you appreciate the loft style in your home – you will enjoy what this type of floor plan can offer your family. There are bungaloft home plans you can purchase online, to provide to your custom home builder. These home plans are ideal for homes of varying sizes that meet the needs of homebuyers.

While a bungaloft is fairly new in some areas and subdivisions – the general consensus is on the positive side for this type of home. I’ll go through some of the benefits of a bungaloft home. 

Benefits of a Bungaloft

We’ve typically seen lofts in condos, where a portion of the second floor is overlooking the rest of the condo below. Nowadays, some neighborhoods in North America are becoming home to bungalofts. If you’re thinking about buying or building a bungaloft – I will help you by walking you through the benefits of a bungaloft.

Elevated Living Space

The additional living space a loft provides is simply amazing – especially when it does not interfere with the space below. There are no bathrooms, bedrooms, or closets that get impacted by this space.

A loft in a bungalow will provide the feeling of having an open layout, as the loft overlooks the rest of the home. If you have guests or children over, they can be in the loft but still feel part of the home. Similarly, the adults from the living room can keep a watchful eye on their children playing in the loft area.

In most new home builds, the loft area would have windows facing the front of the home – which will bring in a lot of natural light.

Additional Space for Furniture

If you own an extra set of love seats or have an additional television to place somewhere – the loft area would be ideal. The loft would be a great place for a movie night or a fun game night. It is secluded enough to remain a separate area of the home – but not so isolated to be away from the others.

The extra space provided by the loft would be helpful for a number of reasons such as furniture storage, a hangout area, or simply an open area to get away.

An Additional Bedroom

If you prefer to make use of the loft as a bedroom – you can definitely make this happen. The additional space up here would be enough to place a twin or queen mattress and turn this into an extra bedroom. Whether you want this to be the guest bedroom or a permanent bedroom for one of the kids – these are all great possibilities.

Custom Bungaloft Floor Plans

If you are in search of custom bungaloft floor plans, I would recommend using Truoba house plans. It is operated by a seasoned architect who designs some of the best-looking modern houses I have seen in my career.

The architect can create a custom bungaloft house plan with modern features and styles. When you create a custom house plan, you have full control over the layout and design, which is a huge bonus in my books.

Alternatively, there are a number of well-known builders who are developing new construction bungaloft homes in Canada and the USA. These homes are built according to the builder’s plans and will have several upgrade options. There are new construction bungalofts being built in many cities across North America.